About Us

In late 1990, a group of young students meets the Andean world through Amador Soto, a missionary that serves humble Aymara communities in the valleys, Andean foothills and highlands of Arica and Parinacota. From the dream borns the idea of creating an instance for supporting the needs of small ignored communities, devoting exemplary efforts to preserve the heritage and ancestral dignity bequeathed by their ancestors. Fundación Altiplano received its legal personality by the Ministry of Justice on June 6, 2002

Purpose. What is the goal of Fundación Altiplano?

To achieve a happier and sustainable world, through the promotion of the Andean and rural communities.

Objectives. How is it done?

The work of Fundación Altiplano is carried out based on the Heritage and Sustainable Development Model, which integrates the following initiatives:

  • Heritage Conservation.
  • Heritage Learning (Training Workshops).
  • Patrimonial Communication.
  • Creation of Shared Value, through productive initiatives with communities.

Currently, Fundación Altiplano is made up by a team of professionals and skilled workers in Heritage and Sustainable Development whose mission is to support the dreams of Andean and rural communities. Its headquarter is located in the city of Arica, Chile, in the strategic region of Arica and Parinacota, gateway to Andean South America, that Chile shares with Peru, Bolivia and Argentina.

Fundación Altiplano’s board is composed by: Nicolás Vergara Correa (Presidente), Magdalena Pereira Campos, Pablo Guarda Barros, Henry Jürgens Muzzard, Fernando Barros Tocornal, Fernando Guarda Geywitz y Héctor Vargas Bastidas.


Altiplano Foundation funds their service work through:

  • Project sub implementation for the program Puesto en Valor del Patrimonio SUBDERE-Governments Regional Arica and Parinacota and Antofagasta.
  • Consultancy for projects of Heritage and Sustainable Development.
  • Donations from individuals and institutions, under the Cultural Donation Law and Municipal Revenue Law.


Fundación Altiplano’s management can be reviewed in detail in the annual reports and balance sheets published on this website, in the File section of the homepage.

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