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To fulfill its purpose, Fundación Altiplano MSV has an organizational structure in an open, participative and interdisciplinary system: Taller de Aprendizaje, a learning workshop to train people in Heritage and Sustainable Development competences.

For all Fundación Altiplano projects there are available for internships vacants, which integrate by specialization, in any of the 5 service workshops:

Andean Art History Workshop

In charge of the historical and aesthetic research for the appreciation of cultural heritage. The workshop integrates research, publications, graphic design, art, Restauración de Bienes Culturales Sur Andinos, production of new crafts.

Adobe Architecture and Heritage Workshop

In charge of the design and implementation of restoration projects such as Plan Iglesias Andinas (Andean churches Plan) and other initiatives. The workshop also develops new sustainable architecture for cultural landscapes.

Workshop on Sustainable Development

A charge of designing and implementing initiatives to create shared value with Andean and rural communities, such as the Responsible Tourism Circuit, Ruta de las Misiones. The workshop specifically promotes responsible tourism initiatives, patrimonial agricultural production and workshop schools for social transformation.

Arica Nativa Communication Workshop

In charge of promoting Heritage and Sustainable Development model and strategic communications for Fundación Altiplano MSV. The workshop takes production of cultural events, audiovisual production and learning workshops for patrimonial communication.

Management Workshop

In charge of the Administrative and Financial Management of Fundación Altiplano, serves to promote institutional culture and its alignment with operations.

The call is permanent. Internships vacants availability depends on ongoing projects.

To apply or receive more information, send CV and letter of intention to contacto@fundacionaltiplano.cl.

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