Pawa de cierre de los trabajos febrero de 2015.

This is the first stage of Structural Heritage Emergency Rescue Project of Camarones, in the locality of Chitita, situated eight kilometers from Codpa.

The project, funded by the Regional Government, contemplated the restoration of the back wall guide base and facade of the Virgen del Carmen de Chitita church, the building which had several fractures caused by the earthquake in April last year in the region.

This project phase represented an investment of 18 million pesos and includes a total of three restoration work in the villages of Esquiña, Tímar y Cobija.

“It is a work that is progressing very well because it has fulfilled the overall purpose of the project: to train people in community leadership issues as well as in the construction using traditional materials,” said Alvaro Merino, professional of Altiplano Foundation who is in charge of the project.

The first stage of Emergency Heritage Plan gave work and trained a third of the population of Chitita; among workers, food service and accommodation.

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