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Types of modern platform beds and how to select the best one

Platform beds accommodate different types of mattresses without the need for a box spring and this is one reason they have become popular. They come in different designs, sizes, styles, and types. It’s easy to find a platform bed that matches your personal preferences.

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Types of Modern Platform Beds

There are different types of modern platform beds that meet different requirements and tastes. They are mainly profiled, solid surface and slatted platform beds.

Solid Surface Platform Beds

The solid surface is where the mattress is placed. It can either extend beyond the mattress or stays within the same length. This type of platform bed is appealing and provides a firm surface for your mattress which enhances comfort. The beauty of this bed is that it gives a firmer feel and great for those with back pains.

Slatted Platform Beds

This platform bed has slats that are evenly spaced. The advantage of these slats is that they boost air circulation that prevents the mattress from mold and mildew. They support most mattresses and some slats are adjustable. No need for a box spring as they offer good support.

How to Select the Best Platform Beds

The type or style of the platform that you choose depends on personal taste and requirements. From the material, the size, the profile, the spacing of the slats to bed storage, these are important factors to consider when selecting a suitable platform bed frame.

Consider the Materials

Platform beds are made from different materials such as metal or wood. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Consider a durable material that will serve you for a long time to come and one that requires minimal maintenance. Metal is a great option.

Under the Bed Storage

Platform beds save you space with their under-the-bed storage. When buying one, consider the storage where you can keep your bed linen. This is ideal if you are staying in a house with limited space. It could be that the bed has drawers or just sufficient space underneath for storage.

The Profile of the Bed

It's either the bed is a high profile one or a low one. This simply means the height of the bed. If you want one with more storage space, consider a high-profile one. The height should be suitable for the user to climb in and out of bed.

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Platform beds can be of varying materials such as leather, wood, or metal. You can get them in different fabrics, designs, colors, styles, and sizes. Besides this, it’s vital that you consider the weight capacity, the profile, and the under-bed storage.


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