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Main Features of a Dissertation in History

The historical past has always worried mankind. After all, it is interesting to know how people used to live in a certain geographical area, how their culture and education developed, what customs and traditions existed among ancient peoples. Science helps to find out all this.

For example, with the help of dissertations, unique discoveries are made and an independent assessment of events from the past is given. If you are a graduate student and are just preparing to write a research paper in history, read our article on the main characteristics of dissertations in history to understand in which direction you should move forward.

The main features of the dissertation in history

The main feature of the dissertation work on history is that high demands are placed on it. For example, the paper should present a deep and also comprehensive analysis of various sources. Chronicles, memoirs, monuments, photographs and drawings, documents from archives, as well as other material sources can serve as these sources.

At the same time, a graduate student is obliged to study the historical stages well and highlight among them especially significant events, which served as prerequisites for the further course of history. It is important to consider that the dissertation must include unique research. It should contain scientific discoveries or methods identified by the author for study, which can be further applied in practice.

The topics of dissertation work on history can be different. A graduate student is offered 8 directions to choose from, from which he must choose one:

  • Foreign or domestic history,

  • Archeology or ethnology,

  • Methods of historical scientific research,

  • History of the development of science and technology,

  • History of foreign policy or international relations,

  • Historiography,

  • Ethnography and anthropology.

All of these disciplines can be freely applied in practice and are very well researched, so you can choose absolutely any. It is not enough to write a dissertation on history, you also need to properly defend it in order to get a PhD in history. An important part of this is the preparation for the defense and the public defense itself.

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