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El financiamiento de la misión de la Fundación Altiplano se cumple con aportes de personas y empresas donantes, venta de servicios y convenios de transferencia con instituciones de gobierno

The financing of the mission of Fundación Altiplano is achieved by contributions through donations by individuals and companies, service offers/ sale of services and transfer agreements with government institutions.

The main alliances with the Chilean government are:

Donations under the Cultural Donations Act (Ley de Donaciones Culturales)


The operation of the Fundación Altiplano is covered by the Cultural Donations Act.

OIC Ministry of Arts, Cultures and Heritage Agreement

As of 2015, the Fundación Altiplano is considered a Partner Institution of the National Council for culture and Arts (CNCA); and since 2018, of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage (MINCAP). Through a transfer agreement with MINCAP the Fundación Altiplano receives resources for its general management and for carrying out the festivals Arica Barroca and Arica Nativa., which fulfil a permanent cultural function in the regional community of Arica and Parinacota.

Sub-execution of the Programa Puesta en Valor del Patrimonio SUBDERE

Since 2009, according to the Operational Guidelines of the Programa Puesta en Valor del Patrimonio (PPVP), the Fundación Altiplano is a validated sub-executing entity. These terms allows the regional governments of Arica and Parinacota and other regions to enter into transfer agreements so that the Fundación Altiplano can carry out heritage projects in communities, offering employment + learning experience for beneficiary communities. Sub-execution is regulated and monitored by the respective regional governments and regional comptrollers.

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